McD Mushroom Cheese Melt Beef Burger - 100% would not buy again

Such an aggressive title. But if you paid RM17 for it (thankfully I bought in discounted price through their mobile app) and you love mushroom and cheese - you'd probably feel the same as me. 

How did McD Malaysia even approve this menu?

The mushroom didn't even had mushroom shape😪 (I like 'em mushroom shaped)


(The other 3 burgers: the men she told you not to worry about)

When I took my first bite, I didn't expect that the mushroom creamy Swiss cheese sauce would taste just like canned Prego's Carbonara sauce - just a bit more creamier. I could taste the saltiness more than I could taste the cheese. The burger tasted dry and I keep reaching for water when eating it.

The burger just didn't taste harmony (whatever that means) - if we compared it to their other releases, you would be salivating. The purchase made me think that a classic BigMac would have been a better choice.

Also had a bite of their cookies n cream pie (Hani ordered it), also didn't meet my expectation. Their Nestum McFlurry was so-so as well. But I finished it cos ~ice cream~. If I have to order McFlurry I would buy the regular McFlurry Oreo. 

So yes, this release has been below par. Haven't seen anyone praising the burger on Facebook yet. Some even said it was a fail attempt to copy Burger King's mushroom burger. Never tried it so I can't say anything about that.

(Disclaimer: I did finish the whole burget set because I don't like to waste food and money🙂)


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