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January '12: Kundasang, Mount Kinabalu, KK

On the 2nd day we went to Kundasang after snorkelling, when we arrive it was late so didn't take any pictures. But doowd its so cold there hahaha TvT
And at this place where I stay there's this cute cat that come to when after I call her/him. It was so hard to halau the cat OTL It even (I don't know how) appear in our room's balcony ;_;  The cat looks super healthy though, probably owned by the place's owner.
Next morning *-* I am so jelly of people who lives here, the air is clean, the view are breath-taking and its just so green.

Mount Kinabalu top untouched by the cloud. Only visible if you see/capture it in the morning TuT)/

This house right here, looks so adorable LOLOL.

We then went to Poring Hot Springs. The hot spring aren't too.... good. I don't know maybe you can do the canopy walk or other thing AND THEN dip your feet in the hot water so you'll feel "WORTH IT DOOWD" LOL.
We left after about 15~30mins of dipping-feet-in-hot-water session cos …

January '12: Sapi, Manukan, Mamutik Islands

These are SOOOOO outdated haha. I even forgot which pictures are from which island OTL They all look the same to me except for Manukan island hehe LOL.
We went to the islands twice in 2 days. On the first day we didn't brought clothes and only intend to ~sight-seeing~ then we see people snorkelling ;_; Looks fun, so we went again the next day. ;_;
On the first day, we went through Jesselton Point jetty. There's RM7.00 tax fees per person.  On 2nd day we went through boats near the market, there are no tax fees, but you gotta find them.  We were walking through the waterfront/Filipino market when they approach us with their prices LOL.

LOTSSSS of ticketing place. This one is the one at Jesselton Point.

Jetty ;)

Boat coming back to jetty from some island lol

I JUST HAVE TO take picture of this cat TvT This cat is from Manukan island, there's another 1 cat probably his/her sibling :0

I.... don't know who she is lmao random.

If you're doing island hopping, please choose Manuka…