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일쇼크 앨범 수정 포스터 루나 포카

OF COURSE I didn't get Krystal poster, I bought it. I never have any luck with her LMAO.

Got 2 Luna photocards.. Is this a sign? LMAO.. I got Luna poster for Pinocchio album too lmao..

루나 언니, 나 그렇게 사랑해?ㅋ

Nawal언니 helped me buy the albums while she was in Korea 8Db

Nasi tomato ayam masak merah and le dalca

Made by my mom..... because I was too tired to help her Orz.

Never knew working in the kitchen is very tiring. :0 Or maybe its because I'm fasting.

But yay for 2 jobs ;A;)/