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Because.. it's been a while since I post something.

LOL =___=
I've changed ChocoFam's skin YAYS! Thank god the forum is more lively now. Or else I would die crying at the corner of my room by myself. HEHE jk.
That is still not complete. :S Made that thing in 2 days. I can't rest or the idea will go away just like that. T-TT Visit ! lol XD
And yeah..........if you live in KL area or anywhere at the peninsular,you can join our ELF Meet-up! :D Iwontjoinofcoursesinceiminsarawakexceptifpeopledecidetomakeitinjuneyeahschoolholidaywooh Click here to give ideas on where,when and what to do during the meet-up. :D
AND YES! what oh?idk lol =_= Thanks unni Nad for the encouraging words. T-T I seriously cried last night, I don't know why suddenly I became so emotional. Managing a forum is not what made me cry. But when you put efforts in it and people doesn't acknowledge the forum, that part is hard. But thanks to unni Nad that made me realize that someone actually care about ChocoFam. Thank you T-T I'll remembe…