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Doesn't really matter anymore hm

On 2009 and last year, I made a blog post of what I want but impossible to get (at the time when I wrote it lol)
So I had a thought, why not read it again and see what I've achieved and if there's something that doesn't matter anymore.

Written on November 12 2009.

1. Samsung Corby
- THIS........ definitely doesn't matter anymore LMAO

2. Apple iMac 27"
- WHY THE HELL did I want one lmao but okay, dreaming doesn't hurt.

3. Apple iPod Touch 32gb [achieved]
- Bought a 4th Gen iPod Touch last year but not 32gb. Faithfully using it right now :3

4. Hidel's Twin Zipper Wallet
- LOL..To be honest my taste in wallet design changed so...... TvT)/

5. Hidel's Choo Choo Vocab Book
- Its like a note with cute cat drawings (uljdkbc) and made especially for vocabularies. I probably still want one, but not an overpriced ones hahah!

6. Heelda Shoes
- I still want those.

7. BSX Beyond 9 hoodies
- I still want them *GETS JUDGED*

8. Standing ticket to SS2, SS3, others [achiev…