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Most want to continue to higher level by getting into university. Some just wanna work and earn experience by themselves. Nothing is wrong. Everyone deserves to do what they want in life. No one made a rule that everyone MUST go to college after finishing school. It's just that its a usual thing for people to go to college after graduating that people think they have to do it to fit in. If you like it, why not. If you don't think your brain can take anymore studying then just work or do business. We're fortunate to have a good economy and opportunities to work where/what we want or do the kind of business that we want. What is wrong though, is not contributing to your surrounding. If you doesn't plan to continue studying then get your butt off your couch and find a job or whatever to have an income so you won't be a burden to anyone. As for me, by looking at the situation now, I'll do it slowly.