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High Kick 3 끝

High Kick 3 has ended..
123 days T_T

jldsbcpodjlsbcdjk Krys is so pretty I don't even.....

Jiwon chose to follow her heart

Jinhee is Lee Juck's wife

Seungyoon became South Korea's president (like seriously it was his ambition too lmao) Krystal becomes his secretary (or translator lmao idk) and still calls him 'stupid' lmao

Jiseok and Hasun are still together :')

 Gyesang went to Rwanda. 
Naesang made a new company.
Life goes on, even for me.
Ja ja ja ja here's a 'fighting' from Krystal ^-^)/

Does not dissapoint me, High Kick 3.  Plus it's the first Korean sitcom I watch, without subtitle, and which I download every episode. That means something, that means it's good. Especially since I get bored easily lmao.
Sigh sigh... hours of my life spent watching for the episodes. TuT But iz sokay an end means a new beginning ;_; (like f(x) comeback homaigod)
Can't always pamper your feelings, endings are normal.