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Removing stuck 40.5mm filter

I have been facing weird things for the past few days. First, my phone's power button broke so I couldn't use it to lock and unlock my phone. Worst, when my phone runs out of battery I wouldn't be able to turn it on normally.
Second, I finally had the chance to use this RM29.00 filter set (UV, CPL, ND4) I bought off Lazada. I excitedly put on the ND4 filter on my E mount Sony lens and took some nice pictures and videos. I wanted to compare how the skies looked like without the filter BUT! the filter was stuck. Even my friends couldn't take it off. ;AAAAA;
So I went on Google and they all recommended me to use this rubber band thing but I only have the typical Malaysian orange-coloured rubber band so basically I failed to take it out lah.

BUT! I figured it out anyway LOL. I basically screws the other filter I have (UV) on top of the stuck ND4, then carefully take off BOTH of the filters together.