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Lantern Festival @ Bintulu

The pictures quality are not that good, yes. And I rushed there after work which is when the festival is about to end. LOL T_T First time seeing floating lantern though. *-* (and when I arrived there some dude was dancing to K-pop song on stage)

Tanglung tanglung.. October comes and I hope it'll be good. Please be good, until forever, please be good.

Bintulu International Kites Festival 2012 pitchas + horses

Phew.. went there late yesterday, which was the last day of the festival. And since its the last day there were not much big colorful kites when I were there. So most of the big and pretty kites pictures were taken by my grandpa.

LOL @ me not having photo shop since I'm not using my laptop anymore and have to google for gif maker freeware. All of these pics are edited thru and resized thru Ms Photo Manager. The quality kinda __.

Kuda padang bola femes but this was not at the old airport

Kuda punya anak

This picture below shows one of the many 18-55mm lens user on that day. I personally took this picture with my 18-55mm kit lens too and see how small everything is... so useless, 18-55mm lens are so useless in this kind of event. Like trying to take pictures of Super Junior dancing at the main stage during SS4 from a seated section without a telephoto lens. ;-;