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HeeSica ~

Heechul and Jessica or HeeSica..
even though Heechul said that she is like a 'brother' to i dont know why i felt like Heechul has some feelings for her. I mean,last time he did the 'omona' pose from Sohee in Tell Me song. we all know at that time Heechul like Sohee right? and now he's imitating Jessica parts in Gee like "Pabo" and "Hak "! xD
and in the part when SJ sing Gee in Super Show.. he said like this right " I say Hee you say Sica , I say Hee you say Sica! " i dont know why but to me,it sounds like a love declaration or something. xD
and the fact that he remember good memories with her is something good too. he didnt even make full list like that to male artist,even sj member.
but i dont really mind if Heechul likes him.And possibly Jessica like him too! Who knows right. xD
Many people choose HaeSica instead of HeeSica,but i really want HeeSica! xD
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