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기뻐습니다 감사합니다

So few days ago I went on Neulpum and ran across this article about Woosiq will be in a news site Twitter account, answering questions from fans for 30 minutes..


I was in a Twitter hiatus so................ LOL ~_~ But in the end I decided to use one of my username reserve account. You know those account you made to reserve a username 8Db The session was only 30 minutes so I didn't hesitate at all lmao T_T

Sent him like a bunch of questions but he replied my first question (which he replied like 20 minutes later) HEOL~

I'm happy.........!!!!!!! And today is f(x) comeback stage OMG 2 HOURS MORE ;A; T_T

ps: Didn't I said I should offline more hah aha ha ahah ahwha hioflkdbvkj :/