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Han Geng

Last night...

I dreamt of Han Geng :0 How I wish it was true T_TT

So he was here for a filming and it was somewhere I don't know @_@ But I was the only one who knows who he is YER. So yeah the advantages TvT

He basically run in front of me and all for his filming (LOOOOOOOOOOL) and I remember taking pictures of it in my phone. And how funny how all the pictures turned out blur like how it would be in real life *CRIES*

Then suddenly I was in a car with him, he sat next to me and I poked his shoulder but he was like "what is this woman" OTL And then I asked him "oppa jaljineseyo?" then he said "ok, after that time". LOL Then after that he was the driver, and I sat next to him again LOL k. Then I said "oppaneun drive jalhae" LOL DYINGGG. Then he was like "whaaaaaaaaaat" with his confused face then I said in English lah LOL "You're a good driver" then he said "really?" LOL DYING AGAIN.

I also said something else…