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IS HE SHINEE MINHO LONG LOST BROTHER or something. They looks so much like each other that I don't even know e_e

I'm in love with Rooftop Prince actually. Even though the plot is kinda twisted and messed up, I still like the Joseon thing. AND especially the 4 cute guys dlskbczildkjxc

Alright, found that yellow guy or Do Chi San is Choi Woo-sik. :3 He haz a twitter (@woosiq) and he's cute k idek. He even posts some of memes, I don't know if he gets it from 9gag or some Korean funny site.
Then his selcas, I really like his facial expressions. And he was born on 1990. 4 years an oppa, ok la right? (AS IF THERES ANY HOPE, 절대 안돼 never ever)
I keeps on bugging him if he tweets something l m a o. I hope he doesn't think I'm a... freak like:
"amagat this person again omgomg can't block or my image will be bad but omg stay away from my mention tab" 
Sad thing though, he has a fancafe, but I couldn't even join :'( Not an alien or a K…