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Foods, iPod

The thousand island dressing are the ones they sell at the supermarkets. I'm lazy to make them myself lol. To fry the oyster mushroom just dip it in whisked eggs then dip it in Kentucky flour then fry them. They're zoooo delicious T_T

AND MY IPOD SCREEN GOT PROBLEM OMG CREYS. T_T The home button were just recently fixed and now this. I totally lost hope in Apple products. Dumb expensive thing that couldn't last more than 1 year without any problem. Though it could just be my iPod but T_T I took care of it carefully. It only starts being like this after I let the battery drain for 5+ days. It usually became normal after I 'slide' it but not this time. The touchscreen are still responsive though. I tried restoring it which ended up with me losing all my apps and songs *pulls hair*. I will fix it, but maybe not soon. So...... hi old phone. Remember me? How's your mp3 player doing? ;_;

Malaysia Day Celebration @ Bintulu 2012 owyeah

BRRRRRRRRRR... I think everyone in my town waited for this day. Though it must be anticipated more by the government officials cos hell yeah, they starts to do stuff they should've done when Bintulu citizens complain like fixing the hole-y roads, roadlights (I really don't know what its called ;;) that doesn't work, landscaping, etc. BDA also distribute free Malaysia flags which they didn't do on Merdeka day. ICU.

But the most obvious ones are roads getting fixed. Why only fix roads when the big names comes? But as long as no one praise themselves or their organization for doing a good job with the town when in reality it was only fixed 2 days prior to the big name arrival, its all good. Right? Right? :)

Suddenly though, I wonder how much are rentals for decoration trees and flowers. :)
Anyway these are pictures from the old Bintulu airport. Me and my mom went on the morning, there were nothing yet except for people selling stuffs and foods. So then after touring the…