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07. Sept. 2010

Yay new blog skin. This time, I didn't make it. Because, I'm lazy. ;D Plus, this blogskin suit my taste and everything so I'm okay with it. ♥♥♥

Few more days until Raya. Wooh! It seems like, it's gonna be full house this year, since my first uncle will be back with his family this year. *-* Long time I didn't see the girls EKEKE. Oh ya, we've new family member too this year, Aiman. :3

Oh yes, for SuJu 5th Anniversary..we will only do simple things. Since we're out of staffs and my myself don't think ELF would fork lots of money for SuJu gifts since we all are waiting for SuperShow 3 pre-saleㅎㅎㅎ Though, the scrapbook, the cost will be bear by ourselves. *-* But it won't exceed hundreds like for the photobook so I think it's okay :-)

휴..even though everything seems fine but I don't know what I'm feeling. I am happy but there's this feeling of loneliness that I can't explain. Like..I don't know. But I'm sure the feelings are…