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I want these..SERIOUSLY!But of course I'll never get it. =_=

Okay so I think it would be fun to list stuff that I want. 
I seriously want to put these in the sidebar but the sidebar is hidden(no fun!).
But I can't do anything about the sidebar since I really like the stuff up there(the 5 image thingy). XD I don't know what it's called. =P Okay so we will start now. XD

1) Samsung Corby (approx. RM700.00)

Samsung Corby is targeted for young teens,which one of them is me. 8D
It is also affordable since it's for teens,obviously. =_=
It is touch-screen and same interface like Samsung Star. 
For people who easily get bored, this phone might not be the one for you since you can't change the theme. But the ready-made theme is already cute enough.
It feels like you're browsing some cute Korean website. SERIOUSLY! 
PLUS it is endorsed by 2PM. 8D

2) Apple iMac 27" (approx. RM7,000.00)

I'm now using Macbook and I seriously want to use an iMac.
I actually feel guilty saying this since I'm typing this on my Macbook.
I'm scared my …