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섹프싱 A

My Sexy, Free & Single ver. A album arrived........... I only bought 1 *insert sadface* but look at the parce. Like a hamper.

I think it the brown paper thing got torn so poslaju put it in the plastic thing. Saw my album bubble wrap got unwrapped too ;__; WHY poslaju why

Bought from kak Miss Joo ^-^ Sarawakian ELF and seller yo 8Db

Got the white font version of the album *_* SO PWETTY

I got Leeteuk card T___________T 좋다~~~ Expected Siwon actually, cos I always get his card lmao ;;

I know the album is huge but MANNNN it is so huge ;_; Iz like a book... a photobook.

Rolled the poster and labeled it.. then put it in a bag where my beloved posters are at. I don't have a nice place to put them up. Thinking of just framing them if I wanna hang them but.. ;__;

Ver. B next? Money money come to mommeh