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Good luck!

So yesterday, a funny and weird thing happened. Around 8-9PM? I was making instant noodle when I heard an email notification from my iTouch. So I opened it, then I see it was from my gmail account. So I opened it, there was 2 emails from YouTube.

I tap on it and open it, it was a comment on my ucc that says "sm liked this!" so I was like @_@ LOL. Then I open the 2nd comment, same also! So I turned off the fire (yeah the water was boiling LOL) and ran upstairs like crazy and get my laptop. Then I checked SMTOWN facebook first cos I thought the commentors said they posted there. There was none in the wall, so I checked the M&D Event page, probably the commentors meant SM has uploaded it in the event page or something LOL and it wasn't updated yet! So I was like ~_~

Then I go to my YouTube channel..the amount of comments and views skyrocket LOL. Imagine k before this I only had 17 views (the last time I checked). All of the comments are the same then I started to get d…