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Duh gold colored thing for duh bride and fire for me

Oh oh oh
Our relative living next door made garage sales. So I went there to look at some things. My grandma put some of her stuff there too XD In the end I bought 1 pwetty unused bag and a bunch of brooches. All costs me only RM10.00 :Q_ I looked at the stuffs carefully before I bought them and they definitely worth my money. :D Oh and Fatma gave me her blazer that couldn't fit her anymore too. ToT)/

Then I saw some pretty wedding accessories set. Didn't have a reason to buy it so I just ended up staring at it. Thinking of how sayang it is to sell it. Not long after that someone book it lol T_T But the person pick it up late soo I took some pictures before the thing goes to it new owner. These are very very old Malay wedding accessories.

The two brooches below are few of the stuffs I bought.

Sudden realization, I haven't post my IKM pictures. Mannn