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So..yesterday night, auto-focus on my 18-5mm kit-lens totally didn't work. Haa T_T But that's alright, the manual focus still works.

Picture above is when I was attempting to focus on the laptop in Ai Servo mode. It just won't work heol-ing.

^This, was took using the manual mode. It's still fine. LOL tho you can see the crack and the stuck pixel (yes it's still there), it goes into my blind spot after few months.
Then I randomly took some other shots with the monochrome mode cos I rike it that way LOL

That's scratches not hair :x

Must clean OTL

L-R: Bag that I've never used, neko bag with my SS3 stuffs inside, Super Junior fan from Fatma from SS2, then ChocoFam staff tag from SS3 keu keu.

Could've done better but..
Btw, someone said it could be moisture problem for the auto-focus, it happened to him before, then he put it in a dry box, then it becomes okay. Problem is I don't have a dry box. Maybe I should ask my uncle to put mine in his dry box to see if i…