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K-pop is invading Malaysia

This is like a dream, no? To old/veteran Kpop fans in Malaysia they might notice how well-known Kpop is right now in Malaysia. So well known until one of the top radio station in Malaysia made a chart for Kpop songs! :D

As far as I remember, the first program that shows Kpop in our TV is MTV JK Hits. And then it's 8TV Nite Live, which almost all Kpop fans know. Kpop in our TV is like, very very rare. Then Nobody (I think Nobody was famous way before 8NL do Kpop segments though) became famous. Then comes Sorry Sorry. Anyone still remember how Moe and Mike danced to Sorry Sorry in 8TV Nite Live? It was hilarious! XD

Ah continuing, after that Asian Takeaway in MTV was shown. And then comes Super Show 2 in Malaysia. Yes. Since then you can see Kpop in newspapers. Well, before this they do write about some Kpop artist like Yoona and Hangeng (before SS2). But after the concert, where almost all major news write about, Kpop is getting more exposure. Probably because of the amount of fans…