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Shut Up Family (Mismatched Family) 닥치고 패밀리

I don't quite like writing about something that I haven't watch, but this sitcom seems pretty fun. I watched the highlight of Shut Up Family from their press conference and it seems funny. Or at least I hope so ;A; I Need A Fairy was a dissapointment lol sorry to say. The jokes were like jokes that only certain people would get. The amount of exaggerations are also very.......... high. Unlike High Kick 3. Oh god my bias is showing LMAO.
I really hope Shut Up Family will be as good as High Kick 3 or better. HK3 has great actors, characters, storyline. It also has some sad moments. Like when Naesang was arrested. Jiwon's dad who died while going through snowstorm to find people who can save both of them. Then there's the sweet loveline between Jiseok and Haseon. Jinhee and Jiwon one-sided love to Gyesang. Soojung fondness to Seungyoon that she will never admit LMAO. Oh right, Jongseok one-sided love to Jiwon too. :( Then then then Lee Juck and the school teacher…