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To ma to

Haaa finally got to watch episode 83 of High Kick 3 T_T
Spotted something funny, Baek Jin-hee entries wasn't written on a website, but on a dummy html file LOL TvT)/ I know its not rare, but.. they made it so obvious ;A;
Episode 83, both has fun and sad moments. The moment when Jinhee knows that Gyesang will go to Rwanda soon T_T She even imagined both of them eating the tomato they grown T_T
At the crying scene, the tomato replies her omg e_e but of course she didn't know. BUT.. does the tomato realize that she'll eat her later? LOL
and and and..
v Heenim tweet from today...... that made me squeal due to his ToT and lollollol and Engrish LMAO

Can I have a moment of syok sendiri cos I use ToT and 'z' LOL OOLOLOLOALAOLAOLA  *bricked*