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(UPDATED) How to make a Naver account! (with pictures)

UPDATED 6 Feb 2017: Since this tutorial is very old, the steps aren't actually that much relevant anymore since Naver allows us to sign up using Facebook and Line as well. So for the sake of convenience, it's good to go with one of the two options. :D The normal Sign Up method is also much more easier now. Yayzzzz~~~

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Erm HAI there. So I just made a Naver account..for fun. LOL And it was easier and more hassle-free than I thought since I've signed up on Daum and Cyworld before,and both of their registration procedure are pretty ~_~able.

What can you do in Naver? - Blogging (which I haven't try yet,but I guess the themes are cute) - A new email address ( [which is ~cool~ for Korean wannabes lol] - Join fancafe (woot woot but need to level up ~_~) - Share photos (haven't try) - Search for latest things, read news (but all need you to be fluent in Korean D:) - Others
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Step 1 : Opening Naver (link) ✭ Click on the text in bold [and c…