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김치 볶음밥 ..

looks tasty right? :D i made Kimchi Fried Rice yesterday (1 day before fasting).. i only have few Kimchi left,i don't know who eat it D: the night before i saw the Kimchi is full in that small tupperware,but then when i want to cook,only some left. T_T thank god the Kimchi water(lol) is still many,so i can make the rice taste more like Kimchi.keke~
for Muslims that wonder if we can eat raw Kimchi, yup we can. It's only vegetables,then it's fermented. They use red chilli pepper to make it's spicy. and the red chilli pepper doesn't contain any non-halal stuff. I've google for this for a long time, and no answer saying it's not halal. ^_~ but if you still doesn't believe it, then don't eat it.
unless if you want to eat other Korean food like Bulgogi,Kimchi Jiggae (Kimchi Stew),etc then you have to make them yourself.since i believe almost all Korean restaurant in Malaysia is not Halal. Even if it's says "Serve No Pork" or anything similar,they migh…