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Rino Fino Lino Pino Kino ..

So I was online-ing when I saw an ad in TV (the TV is in front of me) about this cute vespa-look-alike scooter.You know like the one that Super Junior endorse and make CF in Thailand.
But the one that SJ endorse is Yamaha's Fino. While this one is called Rino. XD

I don't know if Demak is local company or not,but And I saw their main office is in Sarawak. 8D My uncle doesn't have good experience with Demak btw so.. -1.
Hmmmm... This Rino is cute.. PINK! XD I really want to own something like that.I even hope that Yamaha's Fino would be released in M'sia (I even ask in Yamaha website) and they said they wouldn't release it here since no one really want to buy that kind of scooter here. Yeah,true.
I saw lots of scooter like this when I went to Ho Chi Minh,Vietnam and.. this thing is probably the most adorable thing ever! XD And it's a hit also in Thailand if I'm not mistaken. Just that is not the same brand. lol
Huu I hope I can own one. But I don't …