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By My Side (2017) experience and review

Halu. Semester 3 has started so I'm back in Kuching!

I was lucky enough to catch JinnyBoyTV's JinnyBoy and Reuben Kang at Vivacity Megamall last 2 weeks. They were here to promote their first feature film - By My Side, with the casts of the film. Brandon Ho (Ben), Adam Shamil, Josephine Yap and Arwind Kumar. They are all highly notable YouTubers so it was an exciting time indeed. Most of the people there were teenagers - and then there was me, this fella nearing the quarter age. I wasn't there alone for sure as my coursemates also wanted to meet them eye to eye. But yeah, we were drowned by the screams of the much younger crowd. Reminds me very much of my old days of Kpop fangirling. O h m y g o d! gave out like a bunch of tickets to the 9pm show and also some goodie bag. There were a bunch of activities on the stage to win those goods and I was like - damn kids these days. In a good way lah okay. But again, I feel old. Cri.