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Quitting my Malaysian High School

This was originally written on my Wordpress, but since I'm migrating back to this blog (uh huh), I will post it here, with updated content.
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Following your guts always come with the question “do you regret it?”. Up till today, I still ask myself this. To be very honest, yes, I do have some regrets. Now, this was written only for the purpose of informing to those who are having this thought, on whether they should go forward with the decision or not. And also to tell that quitting school or getting expelled doesn't mean you won't have any future.

What I Did
Uncommon in our family, I decided to quit school halfway, where I have about 1 year left to graduate out of the total 5 years. Thinking again, it was around this time (February) in 2010. At the time I had anxiety which led me to depression (I’m better now) so I just followed my guts and do what I thought was the best at the time.