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So that day on May when I went to KL for Konsert SJM, I also went to Melaka. I had mixed feelings though at that time because at that time SJM was still in KL and people said they stayed near KL Sentral there so I almost died a bit.

The night before we went there was the concert night. So to be honest I was tired when we were on our way LOL. That night I slept at Kak Nour sister's house. Believe it or not we only sleep at 4AM. So the next day we woke up at 12PM trololol. Then my mom wakes me up, by phone. She was already on her way to mid valley. We were supposed to meet there then go Pudu together. Ate ttukbokki and bibimbap at Mid Valley but couldn't finish it HEOL.

Long story short we went to Pudu bus station after that but there were no bus straight to Malacca so we go to Seremban first, Kak Nour was going back to Seremban so TvT On the bus I check my Twitter thru the super slow Snaptu + super slow Celcom internet and Dixxon asked about stalking SJ or something and I swear…