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I got a letter from Joseon ㅇ0ㅇ

So I woke up from my nap... then went to the kitchen to eat something (forever fat). At the same time my grandpa came back from our shop. Then he told me there's a letter for me from Koreaㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ
I immediately know it's from 트윙클 영자님! I entered this event in Woosiq fancafe when Rooftop Prince ended. I, at the time, totally didn't know I could win something from it. I just thought it was just sending message event lol T_T_T_T But then I won a printed picture of Woosiq *_* The master even paid for the shipping *_* My luck is so good with Woosiq (contrary to the other 2 celebs I stan v_v) T_T_T
And so.. I arrived at our shop for my shift.. AND THEN I SAW IT.. the yellow envelope *_*

It says "From: Chi San in Joseon" HAHAHA T_T See how it was sent on 4th June. It took long to arrive ToT but worth it 8D

The back. LOLOL the stickers ;A;

CHOI WOOOSIQQQQQQQ hahahhaha he is so cute *~*  The picture is from the episode where they first cut their hair if I'm not wrong. T_…