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Okay, so this post is made for Norfy. 8)

Actually most Sarawak words (that I know of) are based on BM. Just that they’re a bit different lah, pronounciation and spelling wise, sometimes even the meaning can be different. Most of the time you can spot BM words on a BS (bahasa Sarawak) sentence, because Sarawak pipurr also use BM mostly. Just that it’s heavily accented. Norfy, you listen to Matahari right, just read the lyrics and see below XD And analyse and compare.

Examples of some BS words and the meaning in BM, based on Matahari lyrics from KnowNo. Because there are seriously too many words, that I don't know which words to use as examples x_x

Melupak = melupakan
Nak/nok = yang (example: Nok comel ya.)
Nak = kan (example: Betul nak?)
Mpun/empun = punya
Kenak = kenapa
Pat = dapat
Sik ada/sikda = tidak ada/takda
Tauk = tahu
Bingong = bingung
Mun = kalau
Tak (short form of kitak) = awak
Sigek = satu
Mintak = minta
Nutup = menutup
Melok= memeluk
Mek (short form of kamek) = saya¬