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f(x) appeared in Skip Beat Live action :Q_

Its not like how you think it is :P

I was watching episode 10 of Skip Beat, and then I saw this. HAHAHA I just have to screen-cap it.
Let me tell what I think about Skip Beat live action.
It's nice, it got Siwon and Donghae. Not really familiar with Ivy but she made me really feel Kyoko.
But the exaggeration in the dramas are so ~_~, maybe because I'm not used to it. The exaggeration made me bored and annoyed, because of the cheesyness ;A; Are all Taiwan drama like that? :s
But other than that I love love the ost (haha) and Du Lian oh gawddd Is Siwon like that in real life omg I wouldn't mind being a Gong Xi, for him. 8D JK The story is developing well I guess. Can't wait for jealous Du Lian.
The new episode is coming very soon but sucks to be me who doesn't understand Chinese, cos I need to wait for 1 week for the subtitle :'( TAT
Ah ah I can see that Po Shang actually have feeling towards Gong Xi, just that, its hidden. And now that she has success and friends, he felt…

How to download images from Naver blogs

Yo yo. I just checked this blog Traffic Source and someone went to this blog through "how to download image from Naver" keyword.
I didn't have an answer for that before, but now I have, because I'm nice 8Db lol jk its because I'm bored and lifeless 8(
Please use FIREFOX or SAFARI or GOOGLE CHROME o(^-^)o
✭ FOR GOOGLE CHROME:  1) Go to Wrench tool > Tools > Developer Tools 2) Go to Resources, expand post' folder and 'mainFrame', then find and select the file in 'Images' 3) Right-click on the image and click "Open in New Tab" and then in the new tab, save the image

✭ FOR SAFARI:  1) Go to Window > Activity 2) Minimize your other tabs activity list (if have), find the image in the list that have lots of items. Like in the picture below, the list I expanded have 111 items. 3) Search for something that have 'postfiles' and then double click them to open in new page, then save.

✭ FOR FIREFOX: * Please download DownThemAll! add-on/plugin…