(10-minutes meal) Chicken Tempura Nugget Caesar Salad

Since I am back at home I don't cook very often as my grandma does the cooking. Also because if I cook no one eat them because they're millennial food.

So! For dinner I would be able to cook what I want to eat since people in this house don't eat at night. But since it's dinner I don't want to cook anything too heavy like fried rice or noodles. Also means I'm too lazy to thaw chickens or other type of meats. But I want them. So, tempura nuggets to the rescue! I love Caesar dressing and so I had them with some Sabah lettuce (RM3.30ish per packet ♥_♥)

Yes this recipe is not the most healthy even though it's a salad but still, it's fast. What you would need are:

1. Chicken tempura nuggets (they're more crispy than other type of nuggets - tastes like the McD ones)
2. Lettuce (Romaine typically tasted better on caesar dressing. I used Sabah lettuce, which tasted like Romaine.)
3. Caesar dressing (I used Kewpie's. You can make your own, I don't have patience for that).
4. Black pepper (optional)
5. Parmesan cheese (optional)

1. Fry 'em chicken tempura nuggets till golden brown.
2. At the same time, wash your lettuce and make sure there are no worms. Drain. (Watch out for your nuggets)
3. In a bowl, put in the lettuce and drizzle 1 tbsp of Caesar dressing. Sprinkle in black pepper or Parmesan cheese if you like them
4. Transfer the nuggets onto a cutting board, and cut them to thin pieces. Then, put them into your salad bowl.
5. Eat in joy.
6. Wash your plates and cooking utensils, you're a grown up person.

You can make this dish healthier by using grilled chicken, preferably cooked with olive oil or butter (personally I've never used olive oil for grilling).

I love this meal and will make it again.


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