Social media detox?

@ Desaru Beach

This is not the first time definitely, where I try to lessen my social media usage.

At the moment, I am not using my personal Instagram account to upload or update anything. I don't have the app installed and if I can't fight the urge, I log in to the mobile web Instagram browser to view some stories, a page of posts and I'm done (but later on I would go on Pinterest and scroll for relevant contents).

Would it be too over the top if I say that, when I upload something on my IG or update a story, I get anxious on who would like and who would view it? I don't like the feeling. At all. 

I dislike having the urge of wondering if people care. Thus, probably why I come back to this blog once in a while. Because I don't know who my audience is, so I'm not bothered and is at peace writing or posting what I want.

Oh, I have been struggling with choosing the best Blogger template for this blog. I wanted it to be more personal and non-professional looking (for a reason which I myself don't know) just like the late Yasmin Ahmad's blog. After few months, I guess I found it, a clean, simple, minimalistic template.

But God knows when I will have a change of heart and find a new template.


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