If first love is a food - it's KFC Golden Egg Crunch

As you are reading this, I'm almost salivating from looking at the pictures alone.

This ain't a paid review. Who the hell would pay me anyway LOL

Okay so, lo and behold, THIS. IS. MY. KFC. FIRST. (okay maybe second) (okay third?). LOVE. OF. ALL. TIME.

They look plain, yes I know, but damn that smell T______T The minute I walked into Bintulu's Times Square KFC I was like "damn Malaysian smell". Salted egg fried chicken y'all.  Ain't that glorious T_T

Once you eat it, the first thing you will taste is the crunchy sweet-but-salty-spicy-creamy skin. OH MY GOD T_____________T

But to be honest, the inside part of the fried chicken tastes like normal KFC fried chicken. So the magic kinda stops once you eat all of the skin. So best to not eat all of the skin at once and leave some of them for the next few bites. 

Based on KFC website:

They put in spicy chilli, salted eggs (YASSSSSSSS *_*), curry leaves and sweet basil leaves. That's what you call a successful recipe. Not like those weird nasi lemak burger or ayam masak merah nasi wrap that tastes like whatever. I won't be mad if they turned this into an annual menu or best, daily menu *_*


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