Red Velvet Magnum Ice Cream Waffle @ Coffee Dream

Yes you read that right. Magnum Red Velvet ice cream on dark chocolate syrup coated waffle with chocolate wafer rolls and whipped cream.


This delicious and ultra sinful dessert is sold by Coffee Dream, Bintulu (behind Parkcity Mall). Fatma was the one paying so I'm not really sure of how much they cost, but probably it costed RM14-RM20. The shop was filledddddddd with people, very different from when they just sold drinks. Usually when Fatma and I go there only 1 or 2 tables will be occupied, but today was different. Good business yasssss.

Anyway, the most important thing, TASTE! First of all, I'm a fan of Magnum's Red Velvet ice cream due to its sweet cream cheese flavoured white chocolate coating (yeah lol). Anything cheese, I LURVE. But I don't think the ice cream red velvet ice cream goes too well with the chocolate-y syrup and chocolate wafer rolls. I mean cream cheese and chocolate syrup! It might just be personal opinion though. Thankfully the syrups, waffles and whipped cream aren't that sweet or else we'd just go back home with diabetes type 2. The waffles tasted quite alright and goes well with the syrup.

Overall it was very fulfilling. I'm sure people with sweet tooth would love it though! This shop also sells great cakes. I've tried their tiramisu, strawberry cake and green tea cake and they haven't dissapoint me. Their coffee is deemed by Fatma as the best coffee in town. I can't say much since I don't drink coffee uh huh. I can judge their green tea frappe though. They're da bomb.

Tiramisu and Strawberry cake - with green tea frappe and omg idk what Fatma dranks - Coffee Latte?

Personal favourite - tiramisu

Fatma's favourite - strawberry cake (obviously)

Green tea cake. Not so much green tea taste

They've also started selling sandwiches! Yay for more options!~~

No this is not a paid post HAHAHAH. Good cafe is good, although may burn your pocket if you go too frequently.


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