McD Spicy Korean Burger

Aha second food review in a row.

At 10.30PM me and Fatma went to McDonald Bintulu to get the new Spicy Korean Burger. There were so many people dining in so we did drive thru instead. Thankfully it wasn't sold out yet AND we got all of our food. Previously they would always forget to put one or two things that we've ordered into the paperbag which is quite annoying😐

RM14.99 medium set / RM12.99 ala carte

black as your soul

vegetable salad and the spicy korean sauce - there's a hint of gochujang in it

Not the most pleasant looking but indeed yummy


Verdict: I lurveeeee it. Fatma also lurveeee it. The beef patty was a bit sour yet spicy due to kimchi marinade I believe. It goes well with the spicy Korean sauce and sliced cheddar cheese. The vegetable salad also match well with the other elements (lol). Quite glad that the bun wasn't too hard. It was just nice. I tried to savour the taste in my last bite and the cheese really conquers my tastebud. This makes it different with the Rio Burger previously released by McD which shares similar spiciness,but different in richness. I drank like 3 glasses of water while eating this ahaaaaa. Still this burger is less spicy than the spicy ramen.

Before I forget, the potato chips really match well with the burger. It doesn't taste spicy nor too salty or oily. A nice companion (lol).

Good job McD


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