KFC Zinger Double Down Burger

Yes, finally! The bun-less KFC burger arrived in Malaysia. It was released last week and I brought my mom over to KFC just to eat it.😂 I think it was around RM16 for the whole set? The burger itself, fries and soda drink something something. I'm not really a big fan of KFC fries to be honest but yeah.

Fried chicken patty, chicken slice, cheesseeeee, moar fried chicken patty.

The taste was divine especially if you LOVE fried chicken and cheese. I was reminded of KFC Cheezy Zinger which they sold a few years back. The combination goes well together and surprisingly was filling enough for me sans the major carbs. Definitely best eaten when it's still hot or warm. Nyum nyummm. Would I try it again? Of courseee. But maybe I'd go with the ala carte next time.

On the same day, I also tried the KFC Salted Caramelicious Vanilla ice cream. It was less than RM4 so why not right?

Small spoon provided

It tasted quite alright. Or maybe I'm just not a big fan of salted caramel except in popcorns.😂

Okay now I feel hungry fml


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