Uploading on Instagram From Computer

Since my phone is like super old (okay not that old - only 4 years old) I can't seem to upload videos into Instagram in correct format. Like when I upload them, they'd have this weird slow motion sound and jittering sequences like D;

So! I had to use my computer to upload videos and sometimes photo as well when I don't have enough internet quota. The software I use for this is Gramblr (available on both PC and Mac)!

It is super convenient and you can ensure good quality photos/videos being uploaded into your account. 

There are many features in Gramblr that I like. For instance: 

1. You can upload both Photos and Videos, for free!~~ You can even see other photos uploaded by other Gramblr users.

2. You can switch your accounts. Very convenient marketing tool I would say.

3. Just like in Instagram app, you can crop the size. It's worth noting that it's compulsory to crop the shape. Its okay if you crop it to its original size (meaning, the size doesn't change), as long as you crop it until you see a green thumbs up. Yeah I know. D:

4. You could make photo slideshow using 'Motion'. No need to go into video editing software if you're lazy (like me). The motion are only slow zooming in though so if you want fancier motions, just do them yourself and upload separately as a video.

5. There are many types of Filters and Editing options available. Just like in Instagram you can set the intensity of the filter, edit the highlight, shadows, brightness, contrast, sharpen the image, apply vignetting, and even removing blemishes and red eyes as well as whitening the skin. Yes that's very comprehensive. There's even tool to blur or colors only some area out. Very similar to Photoshop, except here you don't have to lag your laptop ( ok maybe that's just my case :S).

6. You can insert texts AND have the autonomy to edit them the way you wanted them to be. This is good for last minute editing. Like when you suddenly have some new stocks coming in but you're too lazy to open up Photoshop (why would you be lazy if you have a business though?), so you can just use this option and advertise your.. uhh new products.

7. They provide EMOJI! As a person with an old Android phone, I do not have Emojis in my phone. Yes #sadlife. But whenever I use Gramblr I'll put on some Emojis cos #can.

8. You can schedule your uploads! That. Is. Super. Convenient! *SCREAMS* 

 9. They get uploaded real fast and in good quality. That's the most important thing isn't it?

All softwares have their own downside, for this software, the downsides for me are: 

1) You can't choose your thumbnail in video uploads. D:
2) I think the filters are quite lacking. So I'd just edit in Photoshop and upload the edited one. I mean since I'm on a computer anyway why not just go big. Yeah that don't make sense.
3) During video upload, you'd have to trim the file (like how we do in Instagram app), but you might need to get your calculators out (if you suck in division especially) because the video length is written in seconds.

1 minute has 60 seconds, so 133 seconds are ........

Still! The software is super convenient for me. Lets hope they don't start charging soon or imma bawls ma eyes out.


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