Removing stuck 40.5mm filter


I have been facing weird things for the past few days. First, my phone's power button broke so I couldn't use it to lock and unlock my phone. Worst, when my phone runs out of battery I wouldn't be able to turn it on normally.

Second, I finally had the chance to use this RM29.00 filter set (UV, CPL, ND4) I bought off Lazada. I excitedly put on the ND4 filter on my E mount Sony lens and took some nice pictures and videos. I wanted to compare how the skies looked like without the filter BUT! the filter was stuck. Even my friends couldn't take it off. ;AAAAA;

So I went on Google and they all recommended me to use this rubber band thing but I only have the typical Malaysian orange-coloured rubber band so basically I failed to take it out lah.

BUT! I figured it out anyway LOL. I basically screws the other filter I have (UV) on top of the stuck ND4, then carefully take off BOTH of the filters together.

That stuck filter. Y U THIN AND SMOL?!!!1

The other filter.

Put the other filter on top of the stuck filter, like how you would put the filter on the lens. Then turn BOTH the filters to the left/anti-clockwise.

So yeah, that was simple. But if you happen to only have one filter then I suppose the rubber band thing would work. 😕


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